The Worldwide Bar & Bat Mitzvah Program is a series of inspiring and exciting classes given by dynamic teachers and mentors, centred around the momentous occasion of your child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

This 10 week series covers all things Bar & Bat Mitzvah related, including lessons on time management, skill development, self-esteem, priorities, handling peers and SO MUCH MORE! 

The Worldwide Bar & Bat Mitzvah is THE gift you give your child and yourself to build that special bond between the two of you, and help guide you both through your child’s journey on becoming a successful, contributing member of society.

When your child has completed the classes, expect them to come out 

  • Feeling more prepared for the real world
  • Invigorated and excited about their Jewish roots
  • Confident in who they are 
  • Aware of their strengths and abilities
  • More connected to their Parents and siblings 
  • Enthusiastic about their new outlook on life
  • Eager to use the skills they learned with the program

What Our Students say

I just wanted to let you know how much Jack and I are enjoying the Bar Mitzvah program. Both of us are learning many new things. I am really impressed with the work, the energy and the passion you put into each session. It amazes me how you are able to keep the interest going for a bunch of 12-13 year old boys, for an hour at the end of a very long day. My wife sits next to us during the sessions and she shares my amazement. 

Marshall M.

“Both of ours boys now have participated in the program and learned immensely about the right ideals and values when preparing for becoming Bar Mitzvah. The Kahoot quizzes were awesome!”

The B. Family

What an amazing, memorable and meaningful experience. I never had put on tefillin until the year I said Kaddish for my father when I was 45 years old. My son has now done it from his Bar Mitzvah. A huge thank you to Rabbi Sytner for creating this program. I really can’t put into words how fabulous an experience this has been and how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to do this with my son. I’m quite certain this never would have happened without you Rabbi. In a year filled with challenges you gave us this incredible gift that we will never forget. 

Richard B.

Hi Eve. Just letting you know how incredibly meaningful today’s meeting was to both Libby and Me!! Aside from all we learned today and the uninterrupted quality time we had together (this NEVER happens), after all was baked, we made a cute challah care package to fedex the friend I mentioned who is in the hospital with meningitis. Spreading all the mitzvot. Thank you!!

E. S.

I don’t know who loved learning with Eve more, me or my daughter! She spoke to us on each of our levels of understanding. She spoke to our hearts.”

R.W Denver, Colorado

“The Bar Mitzvah Program made the actual bar mitzvah day all the more special. The program allowed me to see how my son thinks and leads in our community.”


“The program was something I looked forward to each week. Rabbi Tzvi made a connection with each person in the room and made learning fun and interactive. It was fun to do it with my dad. ”


What you receive when you sign up
Each child will receive a specially curated box in the mail, before their Bar or Bat Mitzvah course begins. This box will include all the things they will need for art projects, self help exercises and participation. In the box you will find:
Total value
OVER $3,000!
For only $250
Finish off your 10 week Bar/Bat Mitzvah class with a subsidized* trip to Israel with your Program partner!
To further the bond between you and your child, each family attending The Worldwide Bar and Bat Mitzvah Program will be given the opportunity of a lifetime, to join our Parent/Child Israel trip beginning summer of 2022. This trip will be given at a highly subsidized rate, with more info to follow after your registration is complete.
This trip will be led by the very same mentors who have guided you and your child on your journey thus far. We would love to end our time together in an all inclusive trip to our Holy Land, with you and your precious child.
*Subsidized pricing varies based on amount of participants.

Each class begins with a lightning round review of what was learned in previous sessions. Followed by another lightning round of general Jewish knowledge “Stuff All Bar Mitzvah Boys & Bat Mitzvah Girls Need to Know” and then another very competitive online “Kahoot” game show, where the winners take home prizes!

relatable + hands on

The Worldwide Bar & Bat Mitzvah Program isn’t just another hebrew school. This is a true skills-based program. Our goal is to actually give the boys and girls skills for life. Tools and techniques to become effective communicators and Jews that make a difference in the world.


engaging + meaningful

A beautiful part of this program is the quality time  spent, and the bond formed, between the fathers and their sons, and mothers and their daughters during this important life cycle event. It becomes a memory that is  cherished forever.


Of course you should celebrate your Bar/Bat Mitzvah the way you want to! Maybe a party with family and friends, a get-together at school? Or perhaps a Zoom party? Torah reading or a Kiddush? All of those things are so important in marking this special occasion! They are fun and exciting and make you feel loved and appreciated!

But then what? What comes next?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have guidance in life centred around Jewish values? Wouldn’t it feel good to truly understand yourself and what you are good at?

Imagine being given the tools to get a head start on life. Imagine feeling like you have the power and knowledge to handle challenging situations with peers, siblings, even your parents.  Imagine interacting online with other teens your age going through the exact same life experiences as you are.

The Worldwide Bar & Bat Mitzvah Program is here for you. 

In our program you will spend your time feeling accepted, valued, understood and challenged. You will work towards goals, learn how to manage your time, understand your role as a Jewish young adult and more.

some of the experiences we will go through together
Learn about the Mitzvah of Mezuzah and how it protects every Jewish home. You will receive  your very own for your front door, given to us by Myzuzah.org. Have one on your front door already? What an opportunity to share with a friend or family member! Give them one for their front door and everybody is protected.
Learn from an actual Sofer; Scribe in Israel how to write with a quill and feather in our Mezuzah Workshop. Every scribe has their own special writing style, we can’t wait until you find yours!
Learn the meaning and beauty behind the Mitzvah of making Challah with Eve Levy! Braid and bake, Mix and mould!  Eve is a Challah Pro, creating different shapes and flavours for each Jewish Holiday. What will you create?
Learn about Charity and the various forms in which you can help someone in need! Build your own Tzedakah; Charity Box that you can keep nearby and close to your heart.
Hear from Ve’ahavta, an organization who helps people experiencing homelessness and how YOU can be a part of that.